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About us

Revolution Netball is not just a club, it's a community of passionate and driven women who are keen about sports and fitness. 

It's about providing a space where Muslim and BAME women can come together and play a sport they enjoy, in an environment, they feel relaxed and comfortable in, free to wear whatever they choose.

It started as a small group of girls from London universities who came together every Wednesday evening to play at courts in Waterloo. Over the course of five years, it has evolved into an established club that has been featured in Amaliah, England Netball and approached by leading sports brands to feature in advertising campaigns. 

Revolution Netball is not just about playing netball, but about meeting new people, developing skills and making time for leisure and active sports in our busy lives. 

We hope that this club will encourage women, who wouldn't otherwise, to take up sports both competitively and for leisure. Be part of our revolution.

Love, Revolution Netball x


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